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Panels design

Climbing wall panels design
Using software specifically developed for climbing walls, we guarantee you reducing material wastage up to 30% and elimination of  ”human factor” mistakes. Continue Reading »

Structural analysis & design

Climbing wall structural analysis and design
Structural analysis & design includes 3D modeling, FEM analysis and design of Steel or Timber structures according to the latest versions of Eurocodes (EC0,EC1, EC3, E5) and EN 12572.

3D structural modeling & detailing

climbing wall 3d structural modeling
3D structural modeling & detailing is the process of creating a 3d model of the entire climbing wall structure, including labeled frames, plates, bolts, anchors and etc.

Creating fabrication & construction drawings

Climbing wall fabrication and construction drawings
Once the 3D structural model is completed, automated creation of fabrication & construction drawings begin in compliance with BS 8888, such as: Continue Reading »

Concrete and foundation design

climbing wall concrete and foundation design
Analysis and design of reinforced concrete structures and foundations  for any climbing walls in conformity  with Eurocodes (EC2, EC7) and EN 12572. Relevant work

Engineering reports

climbing wall engineering report
Engineering reports in full documentation package including all structural analysis results such as : Continue Reading »

Analysis of existing structures

Analysis of existing structures and climbing walls
Refers to checking the capability of existing building structures to support new climbing walls or checking the stability of existing climbing walls according to Eurocodes and EN 12572.