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Panels design

Climbing wall panels design
Using software specifically developed for climbing walls, we guarantee you reducing material wastage up to 30% and elimination of  ”human factor” mistakes.
Any climbing wall manufacture will take great benefit by using this service , which contains:
  • Highly optimized cut out of the facets suitable for any plywood sheets (1220×2440, 1525×3050 and etc.)
  • Automated 2D drawing creation. All panels are automatically dimensioned and labeled.
  • Automated report of all angles between the facets and the dimension of the joiners ( length, size and type)
  • Efficient nesting the panels into any size  of plywood sheets, compatible with any CNC machines.
  • Automated arrangement of the T-nut holes.
  • Creating unique twisted & bended 3D climbing surfaces and their unfolded 2D, allowing easy production from Plywood or GRP.